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Meet the NJ Dream Builders

By Krystle J Bailey

Mike Waters, owner of NJ Dream Builders, is creating opportunity and hope for those who have experienced their personal rock bottom. The local construction company, founded in 2018, offers employment and trade skills to those in addiction recovery. Waters struggled with addiction for several years as a young adult, only to gain momentum under the pressures of going to college. Ultimately hitting his own rock bottom following an overdose, Waters sought the treatment that would turn his life around. Beginning his recovery journey at Enlightened Solutions followed by a stay at The Serenity House, Waters got back on his feet and made a conscious decision to change the rest of his story. He understood that he had the power to recreate the narrative.

As a trained chef, he went back into the restaurant industry only to realize a few months in that the chaotic lifestyle of a busy kitchen was no longer serving him during his recovery. Without a specific plan in place, Waters leaned on his faith that his future was bright. He had a new lease on life and was open to what would lie ahead. A chance opportunity led him into the world of construction. Through a two-year apprenticeship, he learned everything there was to know about construction and eventually made the decision to go into business for himself.

One job led to the next and Waters began building a construction portfolio that he could be proud of. Through word of mouth and a reputation that people were talking about, NJ Dream Builders began to take form. The team began to grow as Waters provided opportunities for others in recovery to find purpose and fulfillment through construction. Currently, the NJ Dream Builders team focuses on kitchens, bathrooms, remodels, and decking. Waters looks forward to expanding further, with his eyes set on building developments in the near future.

“We go above and beyond for our customers,” shares Waters about his six-person team.

Clients wholeheartedly agree, stating, “NJ Dream Builders is a boutique team that transformed my house into something beyond my expectations! Their commitment to excellence shows in every room of my house. I am grateful to have been introduced to this team and I highly recommend it!

Together, the NJ Dream Builders team is committed to excellence in craftsmanship and customer service and it shows in everything that they do.

Each year as Waters celebrates his “clean anniversary,” he does something he’s never done before to commemorate his new lease on life. He’s backpacked through Europe, visiting Barcelona, Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Africa where he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“My goal is to help people get their mindsets back on track. It’s important to know that whatever you’re going through is temporary and can be fixed. We can turn our pain into a superpower,” shares Waters.

Mike’s big vision is to use the money he has made through construction to launch a non-profit organization that will help those in recovery or struggling with unhealthy mindsets to turn their lives around for the better.

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Krystle J Bailey. Multimedia journalist, Author, Poet.

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