Ocean City Based Contractors & Construction.. The Start

2018. The beginning of something innovative.. something more then just a construction company. It was Five years ago now that we started this company, we started this after facing many hardships, with all the hurdles we endured it led to the creation of something truly unique and industry breaking for the Southern NJ construction business.

The Team Transitions

  1. Addiction To Construction

Our founder Mike Waters begin this journey to start this company back in 2018, however that wasn’t the true beginning for that we take you much farther back. Through the years 2008-2016 struggling with addiction and finding work Mike had a dream with his wife Elise.. to escape the cycle and start something for the community, not just for monetary gain. Mike had previously worked construction for much of his life however prior to construction you could find him in the kitchen as he was a chef! Whilst being a chef he picked up many creative abilities which transitioned well to construction and design, leading to the innovative message behind the name “Dream Builders” . While working construction he was doing much of the work in Ocean City, NJ , Avalon, NJ & Stone Harbor, NJ he had quite a few projects under his portfolio. Mike had previously done home renovations, the typical work of custom decks, the lifted homes for homes to protect against hurricanes like the one we so tragically faced in 2012. ‘Sandy’ . The list goes on from kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, screen repair, window installation and more, the point is he had a knack for construction and home improvement. He took this experience and launched his company back in 2018 with his wonderful wife Elise, naming the company NJ Dream Builders. Community driven to bring home owners ideas to life, creating their “Dream Home” in the South Jersey Area.

  1. Community Outreach & Employment

We wanted this to be something special, have a community impact and most importantly offer great services to home owners. It was around the start of the business h began looking for team members, he had quite a few friends from rehab who were also experienced in the construction industry.. most had been searching for employment for quite some time, and after careful selection they were offered a way out of the cycle some were still enduring.. a job offer regardless of their background. Below is the logic and reasoning behind the steps we took to empower our friends who needed support with employment.

“I was them, Even during hiring I was them… a man with a past who was trying to do right. Most people don’t understand the struggles many face on a daily basis, ‘addiction’ it truly can be a faceless disease and in this world there are too many good folks who simply took the wrong turn and are trapped in the cycle. I was them and I remember getting denied job after job, this project was a means for a way out and I couldn’t be happier with our company, the team makes it and our quality is a direct reflection of our entire work force” -Mike Waters (Founder & CEO Of NJ Dream Builders)

Once we gathered our crew it wasn’t long before we began getting work from our local community, things started off small.. window & door replacement ocean city NJ (an all too common occurrence), custom decking, a few bathroom remodels. Slowly we began to gain traction, we moved on to New Constructions in Ocean City, NJ and full scale home renovations both interior and exterior. It wasn’t long before we became a well known company in our home city.

3. Community Events

Once we were established we wanted a way to give back to the community, focused on helping the members who fell on hard times with mental health or addiction. In 2023 we started a fundraiser hosted at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. The fundraiser was largely a success within the community, and proceeds from the event were donated directly to Interim House, Inc and Atlantic Prevention Resources out of Pleasantville. The two non-profit organizations offer specialized treatment and access to mental health resources for those struggling with addiction. The fundraiser had gathered quite a sizeable amount of attention which was good for business but more importantly good for raising awareness on mental health and addiction issues within our state. As recognized by Shore-Local-News | NJ Dream Facebook | Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall

4. Quality Control & Big Picture

These past five years have been nothing less then amazing… from the outreach to the many friends we have made along the way it has been an amazing experience that we will continue to grow. Our work has been forever improving, moving from smaller projects to larger projects we now offer just about any building or construction related service in Ocean City, NJ. You can see our quality reflect our words here on our portfolio page . What started as small scale kitchen remodels turned into luxurious kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, full scale custom decks, new home construction, all in southern jersey and in our home town Ocean, City NJ. We made a promise to quality, and our slogan is made to reflect that, we build dreams. Our mission is far from done, as we plan to host many more events and expand our outreach within the employment sector and service area sector. We will have a large announcement coming sometime next year, and its sure to shock.. just know we are here to stay and keep our community innovating and satisfied.


Starting this company took years of dedication and growth, looking back on where we began to where we are now is truly a sight to see.. and this is for all the people who were or are in the same boat as our team was, caught in the grasp of addiction or mental health issues, you can do it! We are Ocean City NJ’s Best Contractors, Builders & Construction Company… for all your home needs weather its custom decking, window repair, bathroom renovation, full scale new construction, outdoor renovations and more.. we take pride in being the best fit.